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"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentine's Day Cards"

Valentine’s Day is a few days away, and I’m sure your kids love buying and receiving them.  Today, it seems to be all about the candy that is attached to the card, not really the card!  When I was a kid, it was all about the “envelopes” and filling those out so it looked like real mail!! Today’s store-bought cards don’t come with envelopes, (or most that I’ve seen) which is better for the environment with less paper, but in turn come with the coordinating candy to attach.

Some of the best Valentine’s that come home in the kid’s boxes are the home made ones! Being a designer, “Sammy Cakes” has the benefit of having custom cards made for her.  If  I were a kid and I had these I would be through the moon, but I do so much “custom” work for my kids….its not a big deal…

I created these on the computer in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed on cardstock at our local Office Depot. I loved how they packaged them (left pic)…so stinking cute!! I couldn’t wait to show “Sammy Cakes” her personal packaged cards. I handed them to her in hopes to get the same excited reaction that I had (which I sort of did), but then she quickly added, “But, how am I going to attach candy to them?!?”

So, Moms have fun with your kids making out those Valentine’s Cards, and uh….don’t forget the candy!…What kind of Mom are you!??! Really?


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