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It’s October and there are lots of fun things this month…Halloween being the “biggie” for the kids with costumes and of course the Trick-or-Treating! With all the ghouls and spirits lurking about this month, here is a cute idea for a Halloween party or anytime!  Keep those monsters away by creating the following recipe for “Stay-away Monster Spray.” It’s perfect to spray under your bed or in closets!!…we know where those lil’ silly monsters are hiding!


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Recently, we celebrated a birthday in our family.  With my first child, I would go to great lengths to plan the perfect party. First, I would decide on a theme, design and create custom invitations, schedule the jump house, invite friends and neighbors and would order a cake from a local bakery to match the birthday theme with matching plates, and of course table wear and lots of decorations. It was a lot of work and it did give us some great photos in the family photo album of the organized celebration.  I have learned through the years, that those types of parties were really for me to do they way I wanted with a lot of added stress, preparation and by the time/day the party was to happen I was tired and ready for it to end.

This year with my baby Tabby turning three, we had our own family day celebration.  We decorated with balloons and items from our party box (a box of left over items of birthday’s past), with no real theme the night before, so she would be surprised in the morning. My husband bought her cinnamon rolls from a local bakery for her breakfast treat.  I did buy Mickey Mouse plates since she is really into “Mickey” right now, and of course there were lots of presents (small inexpensive items that are fun to unwrap). Her big gift was a Barbie Scooter, which she loved!

Her “Birthday Party” consisted of playing with her sister Sammy all day…and I do mean, all day!  They played with a automatic bubble machine she got as a gift and filled every room with bubbles, they took turns riding her new scooter in the house…they hung out and watched a movie with their older brother and basically all got along much to my surprise. (and I thought it was her birthday!)

The night ended with us going out to dinner at a local burger joint and coming home to a homemade two-layer chocolate cake decorated with sprinkles and tiny cake erasers…of course there was ice cream, singing and a birthday wish which is really all you need for a birthday party…(hmmm)

I know in the future, we will again have those “organized” birthday theme parties for the kids, but for our 3-year-old she really had a fun birthday and Sammy said at the end of the day, “This is the best birthday party, ever!” …..(smile)

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