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My Halloween costume this year is a Majorette outfit that was my Moms when she was a little girl in grade school! She was part of a Baton Group that marched/performed in area parades.  My Grandma saved her retro gold outfit…(polyester, rick-rack and all!) We didn’t  have the original hat, but we added the cowboy hat and extra “bling” crown to give it sparkle! She made the boot tops out of foam  that I wore with white tennis shoes, and the tassels were made from purple yarn.  This picture was taken last night just before “Trunk-or-Treat” at our school.  We had a great time!…Oh, and my sister was Minnie Mouse….if you didn’t already guess….de-uh!! (she does make a cute Minnie!)

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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Mom tweeted for me last week that we bought “Pinky Swear” from the Pinkalicious Book series at our school book fair, and the real Pinkalicious Creator/Author tweeted me back!! Check it out…

She called me Sammyalicious!! Isn’t that just Coolalicious!!

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Fashion Sketches by "Sammy Cakes Fun!"I can design Fashions, Handbags, Accessories, Shoes and more with my cool “Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio” from Fashion Angels. It contains 40 Fashion design sketch pages, over 100 stencils and instructions and tips on how to create fun fashionable designs! Go over to my “Favorites” section to see the cover!

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"Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe"

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We post on Twitter, Facebook and on this blog.  I decided to compile a few things each Month so people can download and print a one-sheet of information from our sites, called “The Morsel”  Some of the information could be very useful, some could be silly….it depends on the month.

The Summer page contains: Pool Safety! – Water Watcher, Summer Family Movie List, and Cake Mix Cookie Recipe

Go to “The Morsel” Page link on this blog to download your One-Page of Fun!

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Yesterday, we went to Crown Center in Kansas City to check out the Rainforest Adventure Exhibit.  It is located on Level 1 in the Crown Center Showplace.  At first glance, it looks small when you walk in (if you went to the Clifford the Dog Exhibit, you know what I’m talking about) but, all the interactive play areas have a lot to offer.

Activities and features include two computer games, a 9-foot kapok tree, a gorilla blind, giant microscope for studying plants an searching for endangered species and more.  There are over 40 active components that the kids can role-play as research assistants. There are safari vests, magnifying glasses, binoculars and other expedition props the kids can use during their mini adventure with sound effects from the rain forest.

The Exhibit is Free and they will validate your parking ticket. The show opened on May 28th and goes through September 5th.  On August 20 there will be a Bird Show and Noon & 2 PM.

Rainforest Adventure was created by Stepping Stones Museum for Children and is a traveling exhibit.  Its next stop is St. Paul Minnesota’s Children’s Museum.

"Rainforest Adventure" Sammy Cakes FunWe hope you get to visit this fun exhibit this summer…its cool, you will learn something….and perhaps take on Saving the Rainforest!

Sammy Cakes Fun….Crown Center!

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Healthy snacks are sometimes hard to work into backpacks, sack lunches and coolers, but if you package vegetables in a treat bag you have an instant fancy snack!  

You can take it one step further and use a crinkle cutter for the vegetables. You can find them in the kitchen utensil section of most stores, I used this crinkle cutter from Pampered Chef to cut up a cucumber. They have a grooved edge and its easy to create fancy vegetables and cheeses with this tool. The treat bags were a clearance item left over from Valentine’s Day, which is perfect for all types of occasions with the red hearts.  (4th of July treat bags are out….I’m sure there will be bags with Stars and I’ll be sure to pick some up for future creative projects, snacks and goodies! )

It’s all in the presentation and don’t these cucumbers look fun to eat!?

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