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"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentines by TS Designs"

The “Candy” situation worked out!! I found the perfect red, chocolate candy hearts to tape over the heart artwork on the custom Valentine Cards for Sammy Cake’s class party today! Yeah….it actually worked out better than I planned! (read previous story to make a little more sense!)

Pictured below are out little Craft projects for Valentine’s Day! All turned out so cute, and really simple, fun projects!!! Hope everyone has a Valentine’s Day filled with LOVE!!!!!!!

"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentine's Box"

Valentine’s Box! We took a large shoe box and wrapped in plain white paper.  Sammy traced a large heart and then colored and decorated with fun Valentine’s stickers. (Don’t forget to cut a slot in the top of the lid for the Valentine’s cards)












"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentine's Chocolate Covered Pretzels"

Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Red Spinkles! We dipped large sized pretzels into melted chocolate…go to our “EZ Recipes” Page for directions!


"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentines' Treat Basket"

Finished Product!! We put 3 pretzels in clear treat bags, tied with white and pink curling ribbon and accented with a Valentine’s sticker.  A great treat for Teachers, friends and family!!


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