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We post on Twitter, Facebook and on this blog.  I decided to compile a few things each Month so people can download and print a one-sheet of information from our sites, called “The Morsel”  Some of the information could be very useful, some could be silly….it depends on the month.

The Summer page contains: Pool Safety! – Water Watcher, Summer Family Movie List, and Cake Mix Cookie Recipe

Go to “The Morsel” Page link on this blog to download your One-Page of Fun!


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"Peace, Love, Sun Screen - Sammy Cakes Fun"

I love going to the pool and we go a lot in the summer!  My brother is on a Dive Team and since we don’t live near a beach anymore the pool has become our “home away from home!”  It’s fun and we go to one that is big and has lots of areas for us to play in. My brother hangs out at the diving boards, I go between the “big” pool and the kid pool, and my baby sister goes between a baby pool and the “zero entry” pool.  Those are  fun too because they have a waterfall, small slides and animals to crawl on. (even though its a little kids pool, I like playing around the waterfall!)

"Pasty By Choice Sammy Cakes Fun"Before we can even step one foot into the pool, my Mom loads us up with plenty of 30 SPF Sunscreen!  My favorite is Coopertone brand because it smells so good.

The most important thing about the Sunscreen besides protecting you from sun burns is it protects you against Skin Cancer.  Our good friend Cindy started a campaign called  “Pasty by Choice” and soon it became one of her missions to let people know about the effects of sun damage.

She told me one day to always wear sunscreen and to never go to tanning beds.  She said the best way to get a tan was to do a spray tan or to use self tanning lotions. Her motto is: “Pasty by Choice…Pale is Beautiful!”

Her website is: www.pastybychoice and you can read more about her story and her cause.

I hope everyone is having “fun in the sun” this summer, but please don’t forget …PEACE…LOVE & SUNSCREEN!

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