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"Pig Costume" "Sammy Cakes Fun"

Last night I was in my school’s Spring Concert.  It was a farm theme and everyone was suppose to dress like farmers and barn animals.  I chose to be a Piggy….because they are pink, why not!!  Here’s what we used to come up with the Fabu Piggy costume!! Less than $10 for the complete outfit!

  • A pink skirt – this one from my dress-up box.
  • Pink t-shirt w/ a piece of white felt tacked on (for the belly)
  • Black shoes/socks. Black felt for the hooves on my hands
  • Pig Ears/Nose Mask at U.S. Toy Co. for $5.99
  • Hot pink bandana from U.S. Toy Col for .99
  • A bendy oversized pipe cleaner for the tail

There were so many cute costumes….chicks made from x-long yellow t-shirts with feathers glued on with yellow leggings…cotton balls on a white t-shirt, with black leggings used for a sheep….the creativity went on-and-on.  I loved playing a Piggy and it was fun to see all the different costumes. It just shows how creative everyone can be with a little imagination.

Have fun coming up with your own farm animal.  You don’t need a school play to create your own farm adventure…..oink-oink!!

"Piggy Costume - Sammy Cakes Fun"


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