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Recently I was in my first Dance performance at Kansas City Young Audiences, the Community School of the Arts.  I was in the Hip-Hop class and had so much fun! We were the opening act which was followed by “Degas Ballet” which was choreographed by Kim Shope. It was lovely.

Our teacher, Miss Chaffawn was fun to work with…but we couldn’t mess around “focus” was her key word! (we heard that word a lot!?…hmmm) but, we still had lots of fun each week!  Hip-hop is a great way to burn lots of energy and we got lots of exercise every week practicing our moves.  The students live all around the area, so the best part was making new friends from other schools.  I can’t wait til my next session begins and I’m ready to learn some new moves!…Ready….5-6-7…8!!


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