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My Halloween costume this year is a Majorette outfit that was my Moms when she was a little girl in grade school! She was part of a Baton Group that marched/performed in area parades.  My Grandma saved her retro gold outfit…(polyester, rick-rack and all!) We didn’t  have the original hat, but we added the cowboy hat and extra “bling” crown to give it sparkle! She made the boot tops out of foam  that I wore with white tennis shoes, and the tassels were made from purple yarn.  This picture was taken last night just before “Trunk-or-Treat” at our school.  We had a great time!…Oh, and my sister was Minnie Mouse….if you didn’t already guess….de-uh!! (she does make a cute Minnie!)

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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On Wednesday, Unity Day, Sammy gathered a few friends to make “No Bully” type posters.  I explained to them about “Bully Prevention Month”  and the kids tied orange yarn around their wrists, which is the official awareness color.

The next day, the posters were hung around their school along with other posters that were made by students from St. Agnes.  William, shown to the far left was one of the younger kids helping out and he was still wearing his yarn bracelet…and he told me, “I’m never taking it off!” I asked it what it meant, and he continued, “It means, say no to Bullies!”

If you would like a copy of our newsletter that has more information for kids, please do under “The Morsel” heading to download a copy or you can email us and we can send you a copy!  Email: SammyCakesFun@yahoo.com

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Make it orange and make it end!

Unite Against Bullying!

We will be gathering friends today and making posters to help in raising awareness for “National Bullying Prevention Month.”

Its our small way to assist in an important message!! Ask your school or organization to join in too…to learn more go to: www.pacer.org/bullying

Click Link below to Download a Free Banner/Bookmark to display!!

Thumbs Down 2 Bullying ©SammyCakesFun!


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It’s October and there are lots of fun things this month…Halloween being the “biggie” for the kids with costumes and of course the Trick-or-Treating! With all the ghouls and spirits lurking about this month, here is a cute idea for a Halloween party or anytime!  Keep those monsters away by creating the following recipe for “Stay-away Monster Spray.” It’s perfect to spray under your bed or in closets!!…we know where those lil’ silly monsters are hiding!

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