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"Sammy Cakes Fun - Valentine's Day Cards"

Valentine’s Day is a few days away, and I’m sure your kids love buying and receiving them.  Today, it seems to be all about the candy that is attached to the card, not really the card!  When I was a kid, it was all about the “envelopes” and filling those out so it looked like real mail!! Today’s store-bought cards don’t come with envelopes, (or most that I’ve seen) which is better for the environment with less paper, but in turn come with the coordinating candy to attach.

Some of the best Valentine’s that come home in the kid’s boxes are the home made ones! Being a designer, “Sammy Cakes” has the benefit of having custom cards made for her.  If  I were a kid and I had these I would be through the moon, but I do so much “custom” work for my kids….its not a big deal…

I created these on the computer in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed on cardstock at our local Office Depot. I loved how they packaged them (left pic)…so stinking cute!! I couldn’t wait to show “Sammy Cakes” her personal packaged cards. I handed them to her in hopes to get the same excited reaction that I had (which I sort of did), but then she quickly added, “But, how am I going to attach candy to them?!?”

So, Moms have fun with your kids making out those Valentine’s Cards, and uh….don’t forget the candy!…What kind of Mom are you!??! Really?


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"Sammy Cakes Fun! - Painting"Most kids love to draw or paint and their work is wonderful. All the bright colors, fun shapes and “off” perspectives are so fresh and unique, which are true works of art.

There are so many ways to preserve and display those masterpieces today with the digital products available.  With today’s technology you can now have your child’s art printed directly to canvas, posters, or fabrics from various photo center websites or even your local chain pharmacies or in-store photo centers.

The canvas prints are usually available in various price ranges and can be printed in various sizes and most even have a “gallery” option, which means the canvas is wrapped around a wooden stretcher frame and is ready-to-hang. (like you would see in galleries). These are original works of art and in turn helps boost children’s self-esteem when they see their work displayed!

The easiest way to display your child’s work is to simply frame it yourself! Take a black frame, (black makes the artwork “pop”) that is larger than the artwork, find or make a simple mat border that color coordinates or compliments the art (at least a half inch border/mat). You’ll be surprised how nice it turns out.

"Sammy Cakes Fun! - Framed Art Sample"

“Create-a-Card” out of your Kids artwork! Here is a great gift idea!  This company will take your child’s artwork and print nice quality note cards with envelopes.  Your child’s name will appear on the back of every card. Your kids will love these and they also make perfect gifts!

There is also a kit available which is the perfect gift for any young artist. The kit  includes everything needed to be creative…art supplies, card templates and a return envelope that you mail back to the company and in a short time you will receive printed note cards from the artwork submitted.  (great for any age!)  http://www.kidscreateacard.net/order-createacard.html

"Sammy Cakes Fun! - Note Cards"

Have Fun Being Creative and Happy Drawing!

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Hello Friends! Thanks for checking out my Blog. Here you will find fun things to do, read quick articles and information all for you to enjoy through the eyes of Sammy Cakes!  I’m just a kid that loves to be creative and Mom says I have a lot of personality, so we decided to share with friends some of the fun things we do!

We will post things for both Girls and Boys, so check back or have your Mom or Dad subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss a thing.  We have pages for EZ baking recipes, Fun for kids (crafts, fun to do), Favorite things (things I think are cool) and more! (click on our different pages)

We will also have links for Moms to check out….(Moms have to stick together and help each other out, so we will try our best to provide good fun information!!)

Thanks again for stopping in…..It’s time to start “Baking up some fun for everyone!”

Sammy Cakes

Below is a picture of a DIGITAL PRINT that was printed directly from computer to garment (clothing). Go to our “FUN IDEAS” Page to learn more!!

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