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Healthy snacks are sometimes hard to work into backpacks, sack lunches and coolers, but if you package vegetables in a treat bag you have an instant fancy snack!  

You can take it one step further and use a crinkle cutter for the vegetables. You can find them in the kitchen utensil section of most stores, I used this crinkle cutter from Pampered Chef to cut up a cucumber. They have a grooved edge and its easy to create fancy vegetables and cheeses with this tool. The treat bags were a clearance item left over from Valentine’s Day, which is perfect for all types of occasions with the red hearts.  (4th of July treat bags are out….I’m sure there will be bags with Stars and I’ll be sure to pick some up for future creative projects, snacks and goodies! )

It’s all in the presentation and don’t these cucumbers look fun to eat!?


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