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Recently I was in my first Dance performance at Kansas City Young Audiences, the Community School of the Arts.  I was in the Hip-Hop class and had so much fun! We were the opening act which was followed by “Degas Ballet” which was choreographed by Kim Shope. It was lovely.

Our teacher, Miss Chaffawn was fun to work with…but we couldn’t mess around “focus” was her key word! (we heard that word a lot!?…hmmm) but, we still had lots of fun each week!  Hip-hop is a great way to burn lots of energy and we got lots of exercise every week practicing our moves.  The students live all around the area, so the best part was making new friends from other schools.  I can’t wait til my next session begins and I’m ready to learn some new moves!…Ready….5-6-7…8!!


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It’s October and there are lots of fun things this month…Halloween being the “biggie” for the kids with costumes and of course the Trick-or-Treating! With all the ghouls and spirits lurking about this month, here is a cute idea for a Halloween party or anytime!  Keep those monsters away by creating the following recipe for “Stay-away Monster Spray.” It’s perfect to spray under your bed or in closets!!…we know where those lil’ silly monsters are hiding!

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Mom tweeted for me last week that we bought “Pinky Swear” from the Pinkalicious Book series at our school book fair, and the real Pinkalicious Creator/Author tweeted me back!! Check it out…

She called me Sammyalicious!! Isn’t that just Coolalicious!!

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Fashion Sketches by "Sammy Cakes Fun!"I can design Fashions, Handbags, Accessories, Shoes and more with my cool “Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio” from Fashion Angels. It contains 40 Fashion design sketch pages, over 100 stencils and instructions and tips on how to create fun fashionable designs! Go over to my “Favorites” section to see the cover!

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Tonight we did sparklers in our backyard getting ready for the big 4th of July Holiday that is on Monday.  There are bike parades going on the neighborhoods, cookouts and lots of activities in the city to celebrate our Independence! We put together a few things in honor of the 4th on The Morsel, which is a downloaded one-page of fun stuff for the month. We hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!! Go to “The Morsel” page to download the full page.

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We post on Twitter, Facebook and on this blog.  I decided to compile a few things each Month so people can download and print a one-sheet of information from our sites, called “The Morsel”  Some of the information could be very useful, some could be silly….it depends on the month.

The Summer page contains: Pool Safety! – Water Watcher, Summer Family Movie List, and Cake Mix Cookie Recipe

Go to “The Morsel” Page link on this blog to download your One-Page of Fun!

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Here is the Recipe Card from our “Strawberry Pie…Oh My!” post a couple of weeks ago.  It is set up as a 4 x 6″ size (photo size) so you can print and easily insert into a small photo album to start collecting our recipes!

"Strawberry Pie Recipe" by "Sammy Cakes Fun!"

Click on link to download the 4×6 pdf file: Strawberry Pie Recipe 4×6 Card-SammyCakesFun 

Go to Post: https://sammycakesfun.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/strawberry-pie-oh-my/

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